Fevicryl Acrylic Colours Sunflower Kit


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Adhesives – glue, tapes, foam, Velcro, epoxy, resin, etc.  for all your DIY art, craft and hobbies.

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Material- Paint
Colour   – 10 Colours ( Ultra Marine Blue, Burnt Sienna, White,Black , Sap Green, Light Green,Deep Billiant Purple,Crimson,Yellow,Orange each colour 10 Ml)
Size –     15 ml
Meant for multi surfaces like canvas, wood. MDF, terracotta, glass, etc.
Acrylic Colors are wash-proof even on porous substrates.
They are long-lasting and emit a sheen and luster once painted.
No medium or binder is required. Non-Toxic so are safe for children to use.
Fevicryl Acrylic Colors – are ideal on canvas for canvas painting. One stroke paintings and texture paintings too can be done using these colors.
These are wooden coasters that have been painted traditionally in the Ganjifa art form using Fevicryl Acrylic Colors.
Fevicryl Acrylic Colors – can be applied on terracotta with a base coat of white first so that the color density id brilliant and vibrant


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