Epoke Art Resin 300g Starter Kit


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Use for making Resin Jewellery. Epoke Art Resin & Hardener in a 2-part Epoke Art Resin clear coat designed specifically for creative applications. The two products are available in a ratio of 3:1. This ratio must be maintained while preparing the Epoke Art Resin and Hardener clear coat.

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Product Description

Material – Epoke Art Resin & Hardener
Size – 300gms starter kit covers approximately 2-3 sq. Feet
Quantity – 300 grams, Resin 225gms + hardener 75gms
Use – This is a set of two bottles consisting of Epoke Art Resin & Hardener. It has to be used in a ratio of 3:1. Epoke art epoxy resin is a high gloss clear coat system specifically designed for all your creative projects. Made for artists by epoxy specialists, this formula is chemically engineered to offer the most efficient non-yellowing protection(indoor) on the market, and is non-toxic and safe for home use.

Contents: Resin 225 gm + Hardener 75 gm
Mix ratio: 3:1 by weight . Eg 30g Resin and 10g Hardener
Coverage: 1kg of mix covers 10 to 12 SqFt. in 1mm thickness.

Features :
Clear colourless liquids rendering a Crystal Clear coating or cast when cured.
Low to no odour
Zero VOC, Zero Solvents, Zero Fumes
Non toxic and safe to use indoors (as directed)
Self levelling system
High Gloss and Crystal Clear finish
Highly resistant to yellowing and UV resistant
High strength with good flexibility for chip resistance

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