Warp Maze By Kjartan Poskitt’s


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New comics and pre-owned story books for children of all age groups to help children grow with knowledge, language/grammar/vocabulary/writing skills and fun stories

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Format – Hard Cover
Dimensions – 21.5 x 0.3 x 30.3 cm
Number of Pages – 28 pages
Book Condition – Imported, Pre-Owned, Good
Description – Welcome to the strangest maze in the world! Step through the Warp Doors and follow the maze across an alien planet, down a plumbing system, over a kitchen table-the Warp Doors can lead to some surprising places. Find out what you have to do on the way to make you a Warp Champion-but you’ll have to be fiendishly cunning!
Publisher – Scholastic

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Dimensions 30 × 21 cm