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Alcohol Inks from Beyond Inks

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Colour – Blending Solution
Quantity – This is a set of 3 bottles of Blending Solution. Each bottle is 20 ml in size and comes in leak-proof packaging.
Description – Alcohol inks are highly saturated permanent inks that dry out super quickly and create beautiful patterns.
Use  – Blending solution is colorless alcohol based solution designed to blend with your alcohol inks seamlessly giving you increased work time and fluidity to the medium.Blends the inks seamlessly to create beautiful patterns and new shades of colors. Reactivates the inks after they are dried. Increases the fluidity of the inks. Increases the working time with the inks. Dilutes the color intensity of the inks. Cleans inks from hands and other surfaces.

Note: Always seal your artwork with a spray varnish/mod-podge/resin to keep them protected for a very long time.

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