Immix – Art Medium Gloss

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Immix-Art Medium Gloss For Paper Crafting Projects

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Material – Gel
Quantity –  300grams, 10.5 Oz

Immix Art clear liquid medium (Matte) by expressions craft is light weight
water based acrylic medium, dries quick with a matte finish. it is translucent
when wet, transparent (clear) when dry, flexible and hence mixes with paints,
pigments and inks to create custom base paints. Which is permanent after
drying. Apply using palette knife, brush, fingers etc. Can be dried with heat
tool. Water based, Archival safe & non- toxic

How to use: Works as collage adhesive. Vanish or sealant for decoupage and crackle
pastes. Versatile medium for image transfer techniques. Mix with fine
glitters, mica powders, deco stones to bring different effects. It resists non-
permanent mediums Applicable for any surface (flexible and inflexible)
including canvas, paper, wood, Plexiglas, etc.

Tips: Do not let it dry on brushes or tools. It can be easily cleaned up with soap
and water.
Wash hands after use
Avoid contact with eyes
Provide adequate ventilation

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