Kaleidoscope Magical Educational Science Toy


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Kaleidoscope Magical Educational Science Toy

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Materials: Plastic
Size :       Approx. L 22 x B 16 x H 7 cm
Quantity : 1 piece [Random Colour Pieces Will be sent]

Use :The joy of kaleidoscopes transcends generation. This one creates multiple patterns. It’s easy to play. One can easily see different patterns through the holes just by rotating its head. Excellent to use as Birthday Return Gifts . It is an optical toy in tube which produces symmetrical patterns as bits of coloured glasses are reflected by mirrors, kaleidoscope are printed with favourite cartoon characters of kids. The interior of the kaleidoscope is complex, symmetrical and colorful, each rotation has different patterns and rich colours, which can cultivate children’s logic and creativity and arouse their curiosity and imagination.

Note colour may vary from the photo

  • Recommended Age : 6 Years & Above

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