Melissa & Doug Friendly Fish Grasping Toy


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Friendly Fish Grasping Toy

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Materials: Wood
Size : 1.63in L x 11.63in W x 0.63in approximately.
Quantity : Per Pack 6 pieces 

Use : The Vibrant colors and easy grasp shape of these fish encourage the child to discover its many p[ayful attributes. The swiveling pieces twist, bend and turn every which way providing hours of exploratory fun. Playfully exploring the endless movements of the toy promotes problem solving skills, manual dexterity and reinforces the understanding of cause and effect. Make the friendly fish swim back and forth in front of the child stimulating visual tracking skills. count the sections of these friendly fish and name each colour to help develop basic learning skills. Twist the pieces of these friendly fish into a circle and help the child roll the circle fostering fine motor and hand\eye coordination.

Note – Colour may vary slightly from photo due to different monitors and product may appear bigger, please refer to dimensions given.

Recommend ages perfect for 6 + years.

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