Dream Catcher by Swarna V
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Hello there!
Today I am at Connect4sale blog to share the Dream catcher tutorial.
Dream Catcher Sometimes referred to as “Sacred Hoops,” Ojibwe dream catchers were hung above the beds of sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams and evil spirits. Legends held that the spider web design of the dream catcher would allow good dreams to pass through and float down the hanging beads and feathers to sleeping children.
Ok, now Lets create one!


• Dream Catcher rings.
• Color Threads
• Pearls
• Crystals
• Feathers
• Flowers /Tassels/Chipboard Embelishments (optional)
• Scissors
• Liquid Glue/Hot Glue gun

Start by tying a knot at one end of the ring and apply few drops of glue to set it in place.

Place the thread at a specific distance from the first knot to start making the loop.

Now take the thread inside out and tighten it.

Place the thread again in a way it is at the same distance from the first loop.

Continue the pattern to make first round of the loop.

After the first round is created , continue the same pattern to make the second round of loop.

Continue the same method so that we get a webbed pattern.

Now we have completed three rounds of loop and lets start with another colour of thread.

We can add pearls and crystals as per our creativity.

Continue the same method of looping while adding crystals.

I have created three rounds of the second colours using pearls.

Now start with the third colour of thread and add another colour pearl .

Here is the completed Ring . Now lets add threads to hang feathers and crystals.

Take threads of different lengths and tie at the base of the ring.

Add pearls and feathers as per color choice and creativity.

Here it is! Dream catcher is done. Itsn’t it beautiful?

I have created another one too . Have a look!

Hope this tutorial was easy . Try creating one for yourself.
Happy Crafting!

About The Artist

Ms. Swarna V is a full time crafter from Alleppey , Kerala and a mother to two daughters aged 10 and 5. After completing her Graduation in Business Administration and Diploma in Interior Design, she has worked with several designing firms as a designer.

Crafting was always been her passion and so there was no second thoughts when she decided to take it up as a profession. As a result the idea of KraftyWaves was born in 2012.

Swarna has varied interests and works with Paper quilling, Personalized Mini Albums, Gift Boxes, Greeting Cards, Handmade Paper flowers. She is always eager to explore different styles of crafting and adapts them into her projects.

You can know more about her work in the following links







// www.instagram.com/swarnakrafter

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Alcohol Inks – How to use, Tips and Tricks! – Manasa Priya Yedla
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I have a very interesting experiment to share with you guys today. Mind you, this art is super addictive.

Connect4sale recently collaborated with Ranger to bring us some amazing range of Alcohol Inks. Lucky me to have got them in my design kit along with some great quality ceramic tiles.

I can’t wait to show you what I made out of them. Head on to my channel to see a detailed video on how to use these beautiful inks along with some very interesting tips and tricks to use the alcohol inks.

I hope you found this article and the video very useful. Please follow connect4sale blog for more such interesting techniques.

Until next time…


The various techniques and tips with Alcohol Inks
Pour and watch the magic happen with mixing of the various colours in Rangers Alcohol Inks
The interesting shapes that they form when poured and mixed
Beautiful flower painting with alcohol inks
Desert Cactus painting
English Roses

About The Artist
Manasa Priya is an artist and crafter based out of Bangalore, India. She has completed her Masters in International Business Administration and Psychology and Parapsychology. She worked as a Banker with a corporate bank before taking up crafting as a full time career and a stay at home mom to her toddler son.

Brought up in the beach city of Andhra Padesh, Visakhapatnam, Manasa was always interested in art and craft. Constantly observing and trying out new ways to upcycle and reuse the discarded items has been her biggest hobby. She planned and invested her time in her own crafting business venture, UPCYCLED with a motto of creating lesser footprint and greater memories.

She broadened her craft spectrum to decoupaging, scrapbooking, card making, sospeso, quilling, fluid and relief painting. She always loves to have an Indo-Western touch to her projects so adopted the contemporary style. She has an immense love for pastel palette and flowers.

To know and learn more about Manasa’s work please visit the following links.

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