Altering Ceramic Tiles Into Home Décor by Tulika Saha
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Are you all gearing up for the upcoming festive season? Keeping this in mind, Connect4Sale will be coming up with many handmade projects for this festive season by talented artists and crafters from across India for ideas, inspiration, DIY, gifting solutions and make your space stand out with your own art and craft work.

We are super excited to kick start with a video tutorial by the very talented Tulika Saha. She has altered ceramic tiles for home décor in a very different way. Please check out the video below where Tulika Saha shows us how to alter the ceramic tiles.

About The Artist

Tulika Saha is a passionate crafter from The City of Joy- Kolkata. She did her Master’s Degree in Geography. Worked almost 15 years as a teacher in different reputed schools in Kolkata and Howrah, before taking up crafting as a full time career and being a stay at home mom with her son. She always had a keen interest for art and craft from childhood. She was constantly trying out new ways to upcycle things. So, she decided to invest her time to start her own venture C4Craft in crafting business after leaving her school job in 2016.

Papers always attracted her in some way or the other and this love for paper crafting became one of the main reasons for her to take up paper crafting and to turn any product into useful home decor through decoupage, scrapbook layout or mixed media! She takes orders for handmade home decors and gift items and spends her free hours by taking up decoupage & mixed media workshops in different places in Kolkata & Howrah.

Her biggest inspirations are from nature and industries and those reflect on her work too. She says “But whatever project I do, I put my soul into it and they are very close to my heart”.

Please check her social media pages and blog to follow her work and tutorials.


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Alcohol Inks – How to use, Tips and Tricks! – Manasa Priya Yedla
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I have a very interesting experiment to share with you guys today. Mind you, this art is super addictive.

Connect4sale recently collaborated with Ranger to bring us some amazing range of Alcohol Inks. Lucky me to have got them in my design kit along with some great quality ceramic tiles.

I can’t wait to show you what I made out of them. Head on to my channel to see a detailed video on how to use these beautiful inks along with some very interesting tips and tricks to use the alcohol inks.

I hope you found this article and the video very useful. Please follow connect4sale blog for more such interesting techniques.

Until next time…


The various techniques and tips with Alcohol Inks
Pour and watch the magic happen with mixing of the various colours in Rangers Alcohol Inks
The interesting shapes that they form when poured and mixed
Beautiful flower painting with alcohol inks
Desert Cactus painting
English Roses

About The Artist
Manasa Priya is an artist and crafter based out of Bangalore, India. She has completed her Masters in International Business Administration and Psychology and Parapsychology. She worked as a Banker with a corporate bank before taking up crafting as a full time career and a stay at home mom to her toddler son.

Brought up in the beach city of Andhra Padesh, Visakhapatnam, Manasa was always interested in art and craft. Constantly observing and trying out new ways to upcycle and reuse the discarded items has been her biggest hobby. She planned and invested her time in her own crafting business venture, UPCYCLED with a motto of creating lesser footprint and greater memories.

She broadened her craft spectrum to decoupaging, scrapbooking, card making, sospeso, quilling, fluid and relief painting. She always loves to have an Indo-Western touch to her projects so adopted the contemporary style. She has an immense love for pastel palette and flowers.

To know and learn more about Manasa’s work please visit the following links.

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Decoupage On Ceramic Tiles by Vidhu Thareja
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We are so very excited to share a new tutorial by a very talented crafter Ms. Vidhu Thareja this month who is showing how to do decoupage on ceramic tiles. She has shared 4 projects using different techniques in each of them. With so many creative options a ceramic tile can be altered into a unique home décor piece.

Hello everyone. Vidhu Thareja here to share very exciting projects with my crafter friends. All of you must have done decoupage on glass, metal but have you ever thought of doing decoupage on ceramic tiles? Yes, decoupage can be done on ceramic tiles also. This product is very popular in western countries but this product is very much new in Indian market and introduced by our favourite store Connect4Sale. I was very excited to see these tiles, when Deepa Anandakrishnan sent me these tiles to work upon. These tiles come in the size of 4 x 4 inches, which is very much suitable for many projects like coasters, fridge magnets, wall décor tiles and so much more. Apart from decoupage mixed media, ceramic work, clay work, glass painting, image transfer can be done on these tiles, so possibilities are endless. I am sharing few of my creations with a step by step tutorial.

Plain White Ceramic Tiles of 4 x 4 inches size

Project 1

I would like to mention here that it is very important to clean tiles with spirit or alcohol to make it dust free or finger impression free, as we all are aware that for decoupage we need a clean surface. As the tiles comes in white color, we don’t need to apply gesso or any primer on base.

On the first tile, I have used a beautiful tissue from Connect4Sale for decoupage. I have used Mod Podge Matte to adhere the tissue. Remove top layer of tissue and place it on tile. You can cut tissue according to the size of tile and if you see any extra tissue on sides, sand it. Since the surface is little slippery, do not paste the whole tissue in one go. First place the tissue, hold it with your hand. Apply Mod Podge on a one portion and adhere the tissue and then cover the whole tile step by step. Place a plastic sheet or cling sheet to remove air bubble from inward to outward direction.

Use cling or plastic sheet to adhere the tissue to the tile and to avoid air bubbles.
Sand the edges
Use Distress Ink

If you want you can distress the sides, using Distress Ink and in that case leave it for few hours. Then seal the tile with Mod Podge and again leave it to dry. Final step is to seal the project with Aquadur Pu varnish from Asian Paints. Apply multiple coats of varnish to make the coaster long lasting. On the back of the tile I have pasted cork sheet with the help of silicon glue. You can use hot glue gun or any strong glue.

Pasted cork sheet in the back
Your Home Décor piece is read as a wall hanger, fridge magnet, coaster or for your coffee table

Project 2

While making first tile, a thought came to my mind that tile can be used to create fridge magnet also. Now I have used a different technique. First I have pasted a decoupage paper, which has writing on it. Then I have done dry brushing of gesso to tone down the writing, since I want to add napkin on top of that. I took out a pattern of flower from the tissue, using wet brush technique. This tissue is from Connect4Sale. I adhered that pattern on printed paper, using Mod Podge Matte.

I left it to dry. Then I sealed the project using Mod Podge. Here I have applied two coats of Mod Podge. After applying second coat of Mod Podge I immediately sprinkled some rainbow glitter on flower and let it dry. I repeated the same step again to seal the project with varnish and pasting the cork sheet. Since this is going to be used as a fridge magnet, I have used four small magnets on the four sides

Adhered magnets to the back of the cork sheet
Add a caption of your choice. This beautiful tile is ready to gift.

Project 3
On the third tile I have used crackle technique and for that I have used DecoArt 1 Step Crackle Medium, which I bought from Connect4Sale. On this tile first I have applied a coat of Gesso with the help of sponge dauber. After that I have applied one coat of chalk paint. I left it to dry.

Then I took synthetic brush to apply one step crackle medium in zig zag direction. On this I did not want big cracks so I have applied a thin coat of crackle medium. I left it to dry naturally.

For this tile also I took out a flower from the tissue, using wet brush technique. When crackle medium got dried, I have used contrasting color of chalk paint. When chalk paint starts drying, you will see cracks getting visible. I adhered the tissue on top of that. Then I repeated the steps of sealing the project with Mod Podge and varnish and then finally pasted the cork sheet on the back of the tile.

Project 4

Image transfer technique is getting popular these days so I wanted to try that on tile also. For image transfer, I have used Stamperia Image transfer sheet, available at Connect4Sale. These sheets comes in set of two sheets and has very beautiful designs. You can choose as per your requirement. I have chosen one pattern from the sheet and done fussy cutting. Then I took Soft gel medium to adhere the image, face down. I pressed the image from all sides, ensuring there will be no air bubble left under the image. I have used plastic sheet to smoothen the image. You can use any old debit or credit card to remove air bubble but be careful while doing it because this paper is not very thick.

I would like to mention here that I have applied soft gel medium on tile and image also. I kept it to dry for 12 hours. It is very important to keep it to dry for sufficient time. Now it is turn to remove the layers from the image. Wet your fingers and gently rub the paper. Slowly rub the paper and remove the layers from the image, until the final image gets visible. When you see that final image is very much clear, clean it with soft cloth and seal the image with soft gel medium itself. On the back side of this tile also, I have pasted cork sheet.. Your project is ready to you.

After image transfer

For the last project, I have used one single tissue on four tiles. These tiles can be used as coaster set or wall décor or center piece on dining table/ centre table.

About The Artist

Vidhu Thareja is a crafter from Noida, born and brought up in Delh. She had completed her studies from Delhi. She began her career as a freelance translator and worked with many reputed publications. She has also worked in the Insurance Sector for many years.

Due to personal reasons she had to give up her job, which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The turning poing came when she got the golden opportunity to work with Madura Coats Pvt. Ltd. as a Craft Consultant for their Anchor Thread Craft activities in reputed schools of Delhi/ NCR Region. Although it was not a very high paying job it gave her all the confidence and a feeling of fulfillment, which made her realize the crafter hidden in her.

Since her childhood she was very much interested in crafts. Growing up, there was not that much exposure to tv or computer and she used to do embroidery in her free time or during vacations. Her biggest inspiration was her mother who is her motivating force. At the time of conducting Anchor thread craft workshops, she started doing DIY activities and decided to learn more.

From then there was no looking back and today she is doing what she loves to do. Although every new technique and art form attracts her but Decoupage and Sospeso are the two crafts, that she enjoys the most. She never lost a chance to learn anything new because she believes that learning never stops.

She follows her fellow crafters because she feels every person teaches you something. To all upcoming crafters she has this to say “That whatever you do, do it with love and passion, follow others but make your own style statement. Be confident but never be over-confident. Share your knowledge, that is what makes you grow”.

You can follow Vidhu Thareja on her Facebook and Instagram on the below mentioned links…

Vidhu’s Crafts – Making Crafts From Heart


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