Decoupage On Cushion Covers – Vidhu Thareja

Decoupage On Cushion Covers – Vidhu Thareja

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Hello my crafty friends. First I would like to greet everyone a very happy new year. I hope all of you had a great crafty beginning of the new year. Today I am back on the blog with a new inspiration. Here I would like to thank team of Connect4Sale for giving me another opportunity to design a new product. We all love to decorate our homes and an elegant collection can surely win hearts and if it is handmade then it adds a touch of style to our space. Generally we find it difficult to find right kind of product for our needs but now we do not need to rush from here to there because Connect4Sale has introduced plain cushion covers in white and off white colors. These cushion covers are ideal for decoupage, doodling, stenciling, embroidery, block printing so possibilities are endless and you will love the fabric. Cushion covers can be hand washed in mild detergent. What else we can ask for? So without further delay let’s start the project.

I have step wise picture tutorial to follow.

I personally like to do decoupage so I have designed two cushion covers using decoupage technique. First one is off white cushion cover, measuring 16 x 16 inches. Since the color is light off white so I did not feel any need of applying any base coat.  Next step is to choose tissue for my project. Connect4Sale has awesome collection of tissues and other craft supplies. I selected one beautiful tissue, which I have bought from the store. Since it’s a cushion so a question will arise, will we be able to wash it. The answer is yes. Fabric modpodge is available at Connect4Sale which is meant for decoupage on fabric.

Before starting your work, always keep a plastic sheet inside the cushion so that modpodge or color does not seeps through the front side to back side of the cushion. Remove the edges of tissue using wet brush technique.

 Whenever you are doing decoupage on fabric, remove the edges with wet brush because it helps to blend the tissue with texture of fabric. Do not use scissors for the purpose. Composition plays an important role in decoupage so always decide the composition before adhering the tissue. Tissues are 2 ply or 3 ply and we need only the printed layer so separate the printed layer from plain white layers.

Now it is time to adhere the tissue. Apply modpodge with synthetic hair brush. Do not apply too much of modpodge, it will tear the tissue or wrinkles will be formed. Apply modpodge and adhere the tissue and press gently. You can use any plastic to remove wrinkles or air bubbles. Let it dry for one day or so. Then apply a top coat of modpodge over the adhered tissue. Top coat will seal the tissue and prevent it from tearing and yellowing. Now is the time to do some stenciling. Use chalk paints and stencil brush for crisp impression and effect. Load the brush with minimum color and dab the brush on stencil.  I have used colors of chalk paint for stenciling that match the tissue.  A wide range to stencils and chalk paint and stencil brushes are available at Connect4Sale so do not forget to check them out.

The last step is to seal the entire surface of cushion with top coat of modpodge.  This will protect the decoupage work and stenciling and makes it washable also.

I have received white cushion cover measuring 16 x 16 inches  in my guest DT kit. I just loved the fabric.

I decided to use two beautiful tissues for this project. Follow all the step mentioned in my first project.

Like I have mentioned that composition of image or design and colors has important role in decoupage so always give importance to these elements and it helps you a lot to imagine the outcome of your project. One more beautiful cushion is ready to adorn my living room.

Important Tips- Curing time of Fabric Modpodge is 72 hrs. So keep it to dry for three days or so. Curing time depends on the weather or room temperature so do not hurry to wash. In the beginning it will feel tacky but gradually that tackiness will be cured. Wash in cold water with mild detergent.

 I hope you liked the creations and found the post informative and inspiring. So what are you waiting for? Grab the awesome craft supplies from the store and create something beautiful for your home. Do not forget to share your beautiful creations with all of us.

Happy Crafting…..

Vidhu Thareja

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About The Artist

Vidhu Thareja is a crafter from Noida, born and brought up in Delh. She had completed her studies from Delhi. She began her career as a freelance translator and worked with many reputed publications. She has also worked in the Insurance Sector for many years.

Due to personal reasons she had to give up her job, which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The turning poing came when she got the golden opportunity to work with Madura Coats Pvt. Ltd. as a Craft Consultant for their Anchor Thread Craft activities in reputed schools of Delhi/ NCR Region. Although it was not a very high paying job it gave her all the confidence and a feeling of fulfillment, which made her realize the crafter hidden in her.

Since her childhood she was very much interested in crafts. Growing up, there was not that much exposure to tv or computer and she used to do embroidery in her free time or during vacations. Her biggest inspiration was her mother who is her motivating force. At the time of conducting Anchor thread craft workshops, she started doing DIY activities and decided to learn more.

From then there was no looking back and today she is doing what she loves to do. Although every new technique and art form attracts her but Decoupage and Sospeso are the two crafts, that she enjoys the most. She never lost a chance to learn anything new because she believes that learning never stops.

She follows her fellow crafters because she feels every person teaches you something. To all upcoming crafters she has this to say “That whatever you do, do it with love and passion, follow others but make your own style statement. Be confident but never be over-confident. Share your knowledge, that is what makes you grow”.

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Vidhu’s Crafts – Making Crafts From Heart

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