Reverse Decoupage Technique Using A Glass Plate by Manasa Priya Yedia

Reverse Decoupage Technique Using A Glass Plate by Manasa Priya Yedia

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We are happy to bring to you yet another new Tutorial by Ms. Manasa Priya Yedia, our Guest Designer this month with A Reverse Decoupage Technique Using A Glass Plate from Connect4Sale. An ideal home décor piece to be gifting your near and dear ones this ongoing Festive Season. Here is the link to the tutorial from Manasa’s YouTube channel Upcycled.


About The Artist
Manasa Priya is an artist and crafter based out of Bangalore, India. She has completed her Masters in International Business Administration and Psychology and Parapsychology. She worked as a Banker with a corporate bank before taking up crafting as a full time career and a stay at home mom to her toddler son.
Brought up in the beach city of Andhra Padesh, Visakhapatnam, Manasa was always interested in art and craft. Constantly observing and trying out new ways to upcycle and reuse the discarded items has been her biggest hobby. She planned and invested her time in her own crafting business venture, UPCYCLED with a motto of creating lesser footprint and greater memories.
She broadened her craft spectrum to decoupaging, scrapbooking, card making, sospeso, quilling, fluid and relief painting. She always loves to have an Indo-Western touch to her projects so adopted the contemporary style. She has an immense love for pastel palette and flowers.
To know and learn more about Manasa’s work please visit the following links.

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  • Deepa Anand

    Nice tutorial, thanks for sharing. However it would have helped if the artist had a voice over or the items used displayed on the screen (for e.g it’s unclear what paints were used, the white paint / used over the decoupage (whether it is gesso or something else), etc. One has to make many assumptions on the items used.

    December 23, 2018 at 2:50 pm

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