Decoupage Boho Necklace By Savithri Srinivasan

Decoupage Boho Necklace By Savithri Srinivasan

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Hi All, I am Savithri. I am very happy to meet you all as a guest DT for Connect4sale.

For my first project, I am going to show you all how to create a Boho jewelry set, in easy steps, with the vast variety of materials available with connect4Sale.

I am sure all of you are aware that Boho jewelry is the fashion statement now. You can wear these pieces on your plain tunics, or trendy t shirts and make heads turn. We will learn how to make these using decoupage technique. So lets start this picture tutorial. I have chosen few MDF pendant and earring bases from the store.

I painted the base with a coat of white Gesso and let it dry completely. This will brighten the decoupage napkin.

Tip: Instead of Gesso, you can also use white acrylic paint.

Since MDF is a porous material, if we don’t give a base coat, the glue will be sucked into the surface and will become uneven. So priming the surface is important.

Its time to decoupage now. Since I am making a Boho necklace, I chose patterned decoupage napkins accordingly. Connect4Sale has many designs of decoupage tissue, in many themes to choose from.

Decoupage napkins come in 2/3 ply, meaning there will be 2/3 layers of papers. We need to remove the layers from the back and use only the top most thin layer with design. I placed the MDF base on the design I wanted and applied decoupage glue.


  • Always apply just enough glue on the surface, neither too less nor too much. Make sure you cover the entire area with glue. If there is any area without glue, when you stick the paper it will form bubbles. If there is too much glue, the paper will tear.
  • To get wrinkle free, smooth finish on your decoupage projects, always use a plastic sheet to smoothen the surface when you glue down, and press in an outward direction to release any bubbles

After letting it dry for a while, I sealed the project by applying a generous amount of decoupage glue on the surface.


  • This is a very important step to give life to your project, avoiding it from turning yellow over the years
  • Also, by mistake if paint splatters on the sealed surface, you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth/tissue

Once the glue dried, I cut the extra tissues around the base and used a sand paper to smoothen the edges.

The pendant bases are now ready to be decked up and given further makeover.

Boho styles mostly use tassels and hence I am going to use them for this project. Connect4Sale has varieties of tassels with many colour options.

To be able to attach tassels and beads to the bottom of the pendant and earring, I glued some eye pins in a particular pattern at the back of the base.

I laid out the eye pins in place and glued them.

I left the glue to dry overnight.


  • You can use any strong glue for this purpose
  • Leaving it overnight to dry, makes it more secure and strong.

I then placed the tassels, beads to see how it looks. Also for the necklace cord, I used this braided cord that’s available with Connect4Sale. This cord gives the necklace a very Boho look. (This looks pretty good and bright too.)

I used jump rings to attach the tassels, beads and the necklace cord to the pendant and earring.

After attaching the tassels and beads, I finished the earrings with hooks and some lorreals to enhance the boho look. I really like how the braided cord adds to this look. Since I stuck eye pins at the back, I covered the same with a felt/foam sheet. This will give it a neat finish and will also hold the eye pins in place.

I then finished by giving a coat of varnish on the pendant and earring base. This gives a shine and is also a sealant.

Simple decoupage Boho necklace is ready. You can create your own designs by adding different things available at the Connect4Sale store.

Hope you like the tutorial. Do share your creations with us. And do not forget to check out the products available for jewelry making in the connect4sale store.

Will soon see you all with another  jewelry making tutorial.

Thanks to Connect4Sale for this wonderful opportunity to share my work with you all.

About The Artist

My name is Savithri. An art enthusiast from Chennai.  I am passionate about crafts, recycling and DIY’s and anything creative. Right through childhood, I created my own style; re designing clothes, making friendship bracelets, painting on almost anything, making unique birthday cards, moulding clay and paper mache items and so much more…

Once into college and then jobs, my hobby took a back seat. Thereafter, while setting up our new home, I again found a passion for DIY projects and creative arts to decorate around the home. And it lasted only till our home was ready and occupied. 

Many years later, when I had to quit my high flying corporate job as an Assistant Vice President of a reputed ITES company, my passion for crafts was rekindled once again. I started dressing up my infant daughter with beautiful boutique style hair accessories and clothes. Wanting to showcase some of my creations to family and friends, i decided to put them on the internet. Because why not? There’s no investment!! 

And so in 2013, ‘All Things Beautiful’ was officially born. Being a self-taught crafter and with a thirst to learn everything that interested me, I expanded into making and selling handcrafted home decor products, customized statement jewelry and hair accessories and several other things that I could create. I prefer making things rather than buying them off a shelf. I look at ways to recycle old things, to decorate them and beautify them. When I look at beautiful (expensive) artsy things in shops or during my travel, my creative mind starts thinking of ways to DIY!! I work on various techniques and mediums like painting on different surfaces, decoupage, mix media, resin art, bottle art, weaving, beading, terracotta and statement fabric jewelry etc to name a few. My clients come to me with unique customization and personalization requests and I love to take up those challenging assignments. 

I believe there’s nothing more special than a handmade gift made with love. The journey so far has been very satisfying. Now I spend my time crafting and creating things around the house and striking off my never-ending to-do lists. I also love to share this knowledge with other art enthusiasts through workshops. Other than crafting and creating, I love traveling, baking, home improvement, fashion & style.



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