Mandala Art On A MDF Stand by Alekhya S.

Mandala Art On A MDF Stand by Alekhya S.

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https// Hi all, I’m Alekhya, very happy to meet you all as a guest DT for Connect4Sale.For my first project, I’m going to show you all how to create a Resin Mandala on MDF in easy steps, with the wide range of materials available with Connect4Sale.I’m sure all of you are aware that mandala is a very therapeutic process. You can place your mandala as a home décor as well. We will learn how to make mandalas in symmetrical pattern with a resin technique. So, let’s start the video tutorial. I have chosen MDF Chowki Stand/Stool base from the store. Please click on the YouTube Link belwo to watch my tutorial.

About the Artist:
My name is Alekhya an IT Professional an art enthusiast from Vizag. I’m very passionate and creative about art. Right from childhood I have been into art and have created amazing drawings. Once into college and studies, my hobby/passion took a back seat. Thereafter, it’s the covid time where I have got a second chance to re-live my passion and started working with mandalas as a time pass. But gradually I have built up an interest and been serious about my mandalas and continuing till now. I have always wanted to try something different with mandalas, so slowly I have experimented with many creative works and that’s when I have been doing illustration mandalas, series mandalas etc. I keep working with my mandala with different mediums such as watercolors, gouache, acrylics, brush pens and resin too. I believe there’s nothing more special than re-living your passion and to have belief in yourself. I also love to share my knowledge with all other art enthusiasts conducting workshops.


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