Mixed Media On Galvanized Metal Bucket by Ana Creationz

Mixed Media On Galvanized Metal Bucket by Ana Creationz

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Hi there everyone,

We have here a pictorial tutorial of creating this beautiful mixed media bucket. This decor piece can be used both indoor or outdoor as a showpiece with either original planter or artificial flowers. Without any further delay let’s start.

  1. I wanted to give the project a vintage look. I started pasting few embellishments which I made using moulds on the Galvanized Metal Bucket with a rustic wooden handle.
  2. Next I coloured the entire base with black gesso.
  3. Once dry I highlighted the embellishments with white gesso.
  4. Next I used metallic paints to highlight my motifs. I have used Bronze Moon and Pearly Peacock from Immix.
  5. Lastly I used some bronze wax to give my project a rustic look.
  6. Voila my rustic vintage tub which I’ll be using as a planter to don my entrance is ready.


This tutorial is a contributed by Ana’s Creationz a small venture founded 4 years back. Today Ana’s Creationz has over 700 followers and their only mantra is work hard and make the world more creative. Ana’s Creationz conducts workshop in Delhi and Chandigarh and loves to bring that satisfactory smile on every artist’s face. It is also taking customized orders from people and strives to make their life more creative. It all started with painting a terrace wall and today Ana’s creationz is trying to bring that joyful smile on every customer’s face. Please do visit their Facebook page Ana’s Creationz to see and learn more of their products and YouTube Channel where they periodically bring out Tutorials In Different Craft Projects.


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